BiS’s ‘gives’ Might Not Be Want You Want, But It Gets the Job Done

I’m going to go right ahead and say that using a proxy or whatever you need to do to watch the MV for the final song from Re:STUPiD is a good idea. Ready? Good? Okay.

Click me to see a version for the United States

Thanks the gods.

“But Maniac,” you say, “haven’t you been complaining left and right about how the music for the new album is fine, but that it just ain’t the BiS of old?” That’s correct! However, allow me to posit this to you: In a vacuum, while most of those other songs would have made you feel like they were perfectly okay but unexceptional pop rock ballads, this has very good feels, doesn’t it? And because you aren’t in a vacuum because you’d die if you were, that means that you have context, and that context most likely includes BiS because hi, and the fact that you are familiar with BiS means that you’re aware of “ODD FUTURE,” which is one of those sneaky songs of theirs because it doesn’t stand right out in your head at first, but then you listen to it and you’re like “holy shit, this is an amazing song, what’s the matter with me?” and suddenly you’re the reason why the group’s back catalog can cost a fortune to acquire.

The point is, this isn’t the song that I wanted to hear, but I’ll be damned if I don’t totally dig it anyway, and the video is right out of the WACK playbook of going right for your stupid (GET IT?!) heart strings. Pour Lui can in fact cry! Poor Go Zeela is probably the first member to drop out! Kika might actually be a person! And so on.

So, good. I’m also now convinced that I’ll review the album even though it’s completely unnecessary, but because I think “gives” supports the point that I want to make.

10 thoughts on “BiS’s ‘gives’ Might Not Be Want You Want, But It Gets the Job Done

  1. For a year that has been globally buck wild thus far, it seems my faves are playing it pretty safe. The album art and the title had my imagination running wild, but the only surprise on here seems to be the lack of surprises. Pour Lui, did you lose Tentenko’s number or something? I expected more from the legendary Brand New Idol Society than an entire album of perfectly cromulent growers!
    Sincerely, the guy listening to Wed_Camp’s SUPERMAN and liking it just fine.

  2. I wish I could give credit to whomever pointed this out, but I can’t remember where I saw it, maybe expecting old BiS is a mistake and we should be looking to Lui Frontic for what new BiS is going to sound like. However much we may want to revel in nostalgia the fact remains a lot what BiS did musically is covered by what came after them. What we are getting now is what Pour Lui wants to do musically and mayhap she’s hoping it sells better under the “Idol” label rather than the “Artist” label. The best comparison for old BiS isn’t the Sex Pistols or Nirvana but The Velvet Underground both groups lacked mainstream commercial viability (although BiS came closer than The Velvets ever did), but both groups left in their wake musical possibilities that just didn’t exist prior to them.

    As far as Kika being human, lets agree on half-human half bionically engineered.
    I wonder if it was a mistake for her to not take the name Jaime Sommers then I think it’s probably too obscure a reference, then I remember that one of the new BiS members is named after Pere Ubu.

  3. I don’t get why so many people make it seem like BiS is very different than before, they really aren’t – as for their videos they are similar to something they’ve done before

    Change the world -> BiS (guerilla filming)
    gives -> Odd Future (backstage stuff)

    I think it’s OK for a start (remember were only months into the new BiS) I too want crazy BiS and I’m still confident it will happen.

    @Hasdrubal Jones about Pour Lui I don’t really think you are right. If she was doing it only to make a more money she could have played it much more safe, as an example: their live shows are continuing in the old BiS vein allowing the audiences to do whatever unlike say BiSH where the more extreme behavior types were banned. Also musically I don’t really think there is that much similarity between Lou Frontic and the new BiS material. And as far as I know Lou Frontic haven’t split up, but they obviously aren’t doing anything at the moment.

    What I will say is I am growing tire of these kinds of tracks, it’s one of the reasons I’ve lost some interest in BiSH, they just have waaaay to many of them by now. And I do hope it doesn’t happen to BiS as well.

    While I absolutely love Matsukuma Kentas compositions they need to use him less or he needs to make more up-tempo compositions, it’s like he’s written 1,000 songs that sound extremely similar and plodding along at medium pace.
    (Shameless plug for one my favorites he wrote for PiiiiiiiN

    • I should have explained better what I meant by “looking to Lui Frontic” I didn’t mean that the new Bish sounds like LF just that when Lui formed her post BiS act it wasn’t a metal or punk band, but pretty straight forward J-Rock and I think for the most part what we’ve heard from new BiS is pretty straight forward J-Rock/Pop.
      As far Pour Lui wanting to make money I don’t view that as a negative, the nutritional value of music is only slightly higher than McDonald’s and it is the business of show. There are basically three ways to make big money as a musical artist. Sell merch, sell tickets or get someone to pay you to use your music for their own commercial purposes. BiS has got the first 2 covered it’s the 3rd way that I think they are looking at.
      Truth is Homicidols is covering new BiS because of their name not the music they’ve put out, how much coverage does Maison Book Girl get here? That’s not a critique of Maison Book Girl (who I like quite a bit) or Homicidols, just that the hard side of Idol is covered here and overwhelmingly new BiS has not been the hard side of Idol. FTR I like the new BiS stuff my musical tastes are very broad, I’m just musing about what is going on with new BiS and it’s all just my opinion which is given to being completely off the mark and sharp turns and reverses based on my mood and new information.

      I dream that Dave Roback, Jeff Tweedy or Wayne Coyne will kidnap Aina and make an album with her. I’d like some down tempo stuff that would let me languish in her vocals and let her purr and growl. I also wonder how long it will be till Aina realizes that she’s the Beyonce/Diana Ross of her girl group.

          • Good news they came out with statement saying the SS inspired uniforms were a mistake by the costume dept, they aren’t Nazis just run of the mill Mussolini/Franco style fascists.
            Is there anything more ironic than a 20+ member girl group performing a synchronized and choreographed dance routine while singing a song about individuality and not listening to your elders with lyrics by Yasushi Akimato?
            I like Silent Majority it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard out of the 48/46 shop, but the delicious irony of it is not lost on me, hell it probably makes me like it more.

  4. I like the new BiS. This whole issue reminds me of The Weeknd with his recent sound. Sure it’s not exactly what they used to sound but I can still hear BiS for this song.

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