BiS’s Better Half Has Landed

Hot damn.

Let’s “LOVE”, obviously, the second (better) half of BiS’s double A-side that officially releases today but I was listening to in full, golly, at least a week ago. Time no longer has meaning. But you likely saw the the “TOUCH ME” video already, which is much more on the nose recalling certain iconic media of the OG’s. “LOVE” kind of does, too, but only because BiS was never immune to the core tropes of idol, among them being “MV based on candid clips of the members living life and having fun and stuff.”

I’m here for the song, as you should be, and this one hits a perfect little sweet spot. A punk anthem? Exactly what I needed. A punk anthem with a great hook? The exact opposite of what I needed, but I set an alarm to make sure that I was up for this, and I’ll be damned if the fact that this is going to be stuck in my head on the worst day to have something stuck in my head is going to ruin it for me. Fun-ass song, very little pretense, always worth a few replays.

Anyway! The single is out officially today, and if you happen by some twist of fate to be in a place where “out” really matters, then by all means, friend, spend your money wisely.