BiSH’s Cesarean Section on Big and Little Screens

Man, this would be really exciting if I were in Shinjuku: BiSH is releasing the DVD of their Less than SEX tour final next week, and the whole thing is going to be narrowcast (but HUGE) on the big-ass Yunika Vision screen that we hear so much about:

For now, we’ll have to content ourselves with watching this-here trailer for the DVD, being gobsmacked, hating people who live in Tokyo and wishing that the whole thing were actually just “Hoshi ga” like we thought for a hot second when the video first started.

Also, if you follow the description on the YouTube video … that deluxe edition, with the huge-ass photobook? That sounds amazing. I don’t even care about photobooks, and I’d want that photobook.

Also-also, I know that the Yunika Vision screen is kind of a big deal if you have your stuff up on it, but my perception as to its actual value is skewed somewhat by when Babymetal did it and thousands of people fainted en masse. Like, is it that big a deal? Do people in Japan go OH SHIT I’MMA GO BUY ME THAT CD? I’m very curious about this.

3 thoughts on “BiSH’s Cesarean Section on Big and Little Screens

  1. PassCode did the yunika vision thing, i seen many idols post it them being there themselves, my friend had a few friends with him going to a pub after work and they stop to watch. shared it to me as well. its neat.

    • like with passcode being on that screen, it was before that cddvd was released. I was worried about how awesome it was going to be, knowing Yuna hurt her foot 3-4 days before and performed at TIF sitting on a bench. I was so excited seeing it streamed by my friend that she was active and awesome. some of his friends didnt give a shit, but like everyone goes out to pub after work. so many people stop to see that if they are on the street at those times. passcode was there watching it themselves. how cool is knowing that.

      • There’s a goal: Stop by to watch the show on the screen at the same time as the people you’re watching on the screen. 🙂 I’d probably pee my pants if I ever saw Chi-yuna in public.

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