BiSH Wage War for Punk Integrity in COD tie-in MV, STORY OF DUTY

BiSH enable God Mode in their “STORY OF DUTY” MV which doubles as a promo for the Call of Duty mobile game.  For a war game endorsement, it is probably notable that they never pick up a gun. Instead they dance with cheat codes enabled, invulnerable to all incoming attacks while obliterating their foes with impunity.

Best part: 1:24 where Chitti and Atsuko taunt tanks by doing The Robot.

The MV is part Matrix meets Tron meets Full Metal Jacket before finally channeling the X-Men for a scorched earth finale. In the end, BiSH leaves nothing but elementary school children mindlessly transfixed to their phones playing, we can assume, COD, while the world has crumbled to rubble around them.

Is this an endorsement or a middle finger? Hard to tell.

One of the biggest things at odds with BiSH still identifying as punk has been their willingness to appear in commercials. Since they’ve gone major label, they have done ads for everything from convenience stores to wireless services to, now, a video game franchise named after the notion that there exists some romantic obligation to wage war. There is, quite frankly, nothing less punk than doing a paid endorsement of a Call of Duty mobile game.

Of course, from Watanabe’s standpoint, doing whatever the fxxk he wants is also punk as hell. The trick here is to figure out how to take the cash and yet survive with at least a shred of integrity intact.

So they flipped the script and turned their advertisement for COD in to an ad for themselves. If you caught the premier of the MV, BiSH tacked a  90-second promo for their December concert onto the end of their COD commercial. If you have auto-play enabled on YouTube, the “STORY OF DUTY” MV still launches it:

At the end of the day, integrity arguments are pretty pointless anyway. It’s the music that matters, and it’s a cool MV that I’ve already watched several times.  They song, with lyrics by AiNA THE END, channels a bit of PassCode’s aesthetic (who also have a new MV out) which isn’t a bad thing either.

All in all, not a bad way to start a Wednesday morning.