BiSH: The Music Video: The Trailer

With BiSH having a major single out next month, getting a music video was inevitable. Unfortunately, we have no music video yet. However, we do have a trailer for a music video:

Personally, I never saw the point in trailers for things like music videos. But I can’t lie that the piano notes at the end gave me chills!

Coinciding with the trailer, we also got some CD covers.


So they’re really sticking with those “let’s throw Party City straightjackets over our old costumes” costumes, huh?

4 thoughts on “BiSH: The Music Video: The Trailer

  1. Between BiSH and Nu BiS does anyone spend less money and effort on costumes than Whack. It’s like half the time they are made out of the boxes of rags that auto repair shops and the like purchase by the pound (kilo).*

    *not a criticism just an observation.

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