BiSH Runs a Race. Beats COVID

It was a big Tuesday for BiSH. First they dropped an  MV for “CAN WE STiLL BE??”, the opening track off their recent album, GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON

They followed this announcement with the welcome news that Aina the End, Cent Chihiro Chittiii and Hashiyasume Atsuko had completed their quarantine periods following their recent COVID diagnoses and would all be resuming activities again .  

While it is great news that the members can get back to performing together, the MV, for it’s part, seemed to be in several places at once. The performance the members are captured giving on a disco sound stage littered with what looks like remnants of the “STUPIG” set are far more intense that the studio track they are performing to. Especially Ling Ling.  I would love to hear the take she is pictured screaming into the mic on the MV, as it isn’t the vocal that made it into the accompanying official audio. 

About half-way through the MV the members apparently catch Olympic fever and head out of the dystopic studio to compete against each other in a track and field event.   While it takes a fan club membership to see footage of the full race and official results, from the video clips it looks like everyone’s favorite little sister, Ayuni D was way out in front followed by Chitti with the bookworm Momoko in a surprising third place after her standing start. Besties Ling Ling and Aina the End, who are always attached a the hip, followed neck and neck with Atsuko brining up the rear despite her very stylishly aerodynamic sunglasses.

Despite the disconnectedness of the MV, all of the members are featured well and there’s enough novel going on here to keep most BiSH fans engaged. It also makes me intensely curious to see a live version of this song. The sharp emotions they portray in the performance section of the MV definitely did not make it onto the album.