BiSH Is the Queen of All Media Apparently

Two quick bits of news that are fun and get back to that point I was making in the JAM recap, that BiSH is just stupidly on fire.

The first is, they have their own radio show now! Other than Yura in Guso Drop and the Reina/Ayano thing that Bellring Girls Heart does, I can’t think of another of these, nor of one of quite this scope.

If you follow the link, you can see that, in addition to the other details, that you can submit questions and stuff by email. If others are in, I’d love to organize a little campaign to confuse and befuddle them.

Next up! The final (I hope it’s final) installment BiSH Cannonball video series from Lute. We finally get to see BiSH members get thrown off a bridge!

RIP Hug Me

I think there’s an additional point to be made here: This is what being an idol looks like. It’s not typical, and I’m immediately reminded of when MTV went skydiving with Megadeth …

Remember when MTV was fun?

… but this is what it means to do idol differently. Make it cool and fun.

4 thoughts on “BiSH Is the Queen of All Media Apparently

  1. Billie Idle’s got that “Idle Talk” show AND some kind of web tv show. Both of them are illusive FOMO triggers for me. I have to make due with’s podcast where they talk about cafes and whatever.
    I hope a dedicated fan or two can tune in and relay the info to us hungry outsiders!
    I haven’t heard back from the translator, but it’ll be useful to know the approximate runtime of the whole thing if I wanna subtitle it. I understand the DVD release (next week!) has an ~exclusive scene~ but I assume it’s otherwise the same.

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