BiSH Is One Step Closer to Budokan

My apologies, kiddos, for being a bad Maniac yesterday and not contributing much of anything, but I was dealing with some stuff and it just got to the point where posting anew wasn’t going to better anybody’s lives, so I decided to just shift the relevant stuff ahead a day.

And speaking of relevant!

BiSH’s Nirvana-themed tour final was yesterday, and at it they announced the biggest show in their history, and arguably for anybody in the WACK camp — they’re going to Makuhari Messe (Event Hall — see below0. That’s kind of a big deal.

It’s not really a grail in the idol landscape, but it’s a big-ass venue, 20,000+ 9,000 (still!), and it’s the kind of show you do to prove that you can put a bunch of butts in seats (and fill the floor, more appropriately in their case); if you can fill Makuhari Messe, you can probably fill Budokan, which is the actual holy grail of Watanabe Junnosuke. It’s why BiSH instituted the (largely ignored) behavioral rules for their shows and why their Avex tenure to date has been a little more on the safe side than their predecessors did.

This article has the specifics; I had thought that BiSH (and ayumikurikamaki, for that matter) might be able to schedule Budokan this year, but the scheduling of this sucker narrows the window a little bit. Concurrently, though, a Road to Budokan that corresponds directly to an album release (which you could argue for the fall), that’s very possible. I think they get there, upon which the general mainstreaming of loudol (/Palpatine voice) will be complete.

So take that for what it’s worth. Also, I know that some of you guys made it to the NEVERMiND final — how was it?

13 thoughts on “BiSH Is One Step Closer to Budokan

  1. It says Makuhari Messe Event Hall which is a part of Makuhari Messe which holds about 9,000 people.
    It was also the venue where BABYMETAL played before Budokan and where the Gimmochoko music video was shot.

      • I completely missed that they actually have a live band. Wonder if there is any live video with the band available. Tried to search, but couldn’t find. Curious how it sounds like.

        Yes I would also prefer The Ogre Band as Skinny Puppy are one of those bands that truly made a impact on me since I was younger and still does.

        • Just watched that clip as it was in my yt recommendations. Went over here and you already posted about it here 🙂

          It does sound good. Perhaps they should get a second guitarist to make it heavier 🙂

        • I only had whatever google translate decided to do with the word. Kinda like Kami translates to God, Oni translates to to demon or ogre and I wanted to shoehorn a Skinny Puppy reference in to my comments.

  2. Oh those pesky facts and details.
    This is where over-hype and muh feels are the rule. LOL

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