BiSH Certainly Knows How to Make an Announcement

Things have been quiet on the BiSH front lately, haven’t they? Sure, sure, they announced a big-ass new tour with an awesome theme, and they have all of the usual tie-ins and promoted merchandise and all that jazz, but … yeah, the thing that put BiSH on the map in the first place (their music) was kind of bereft of attention, and by all parties it seemed. It seemed.

Because what better day to near-guerrilla-drop a new album in a split concept over a 30-day span than April Fools’ Day?

So two EPs, a month apart, being ultimately treated as a (short) full album and supported by the existing tour, playing on themes of motivation but I get the feeling confusing the metaphor the way that most people do when they talk about carrots and sticks. Not bad. I mean, “CARROTS” was the first thing that I saw announced, and the whole tone of it and the date had a definite feel of no-way-this-is-just-a-gag, but then I got the STiCKS clip and was suddenly very, very excited.

Here’s the (first, I presume) MV, which I’m sure will raise a lot of the same hackles as “DEADMAN” did in 2016:

This of course comes right alongside the elephant in the room that is the WACK audition fallout, which still needs to be reckoned with and we’ll get there, and of course raises questions about what was deliberate in which ways and for what reasons. As usual, BiSH emerges from the whole stinking mess absolutely sparkling clean, unscathed, even purged of association. It’s remarkable, and considering the factors at play kind of an apt metaphor for how the whole company’s fortunes have turned since the day that Pour Lui emerged from her ill-fated indie rock turn and kick-started a cottage industry of people like me writing lots of words about power and relationships and legacies.

At any rate, STiCKS tomorrow, digitally today, and you can get in on this promotion if you’re in Tokyo:

Can they top either of their other two major albums? Given the regard in which I hold KiLLER BiSH even two+ years on, I doubt it, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be good, and a chance to flex those punk-and-love muscles that BiSH developed like nobody else.

One thought on “BiSH Certainly Knows How to Make an Announcement

  1. Recently watched “the Nude” blueray. Pretty much a stunning performance throughout. This monster is firing on all cylinders. The songwriting, the production, the girls performances, it’s all there. Having the orchestra on stage with them took it to a whole new level. Everyone seemed to step it up. I’m just happy I’ve gotten to follow along in real time since TIF2015 when I first discovered them. What a trip they’ve been on.

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