BiSH Announce Disbandment Plans for the Year After Next

At an emergency livestream called for the morning of Christmas Eve (Japan time) BiSH announced that they will disband at some point in 2023.

The name of the livestream, “THiS is FOR BiSH” was a reference to their first live back in 2015, “THiS iS FOR BiS”. The location, originally kept secret, turned out to be Nakano heavysick ZERO, the same live house where that original 2015 performance was held. The first hour of the show was streamed for free on YouTube and included a setlist that mirrored their debut live. The remainder of the performance, including the announcement of their impending dissolution, was carried live on Nippon TV’s “Sukiri”.

For 2022, the final full year of their existence, BiSH have promised the following:

  • Monthly releases;
  • A nationwide livehouse tour that will visit every prefecture;
  • A “COLONiZED TOUR”, whatever that is;
  • A BiSH festival.

If it sounds like a lot of planning and foresight has gone into this development, that’s because it has been in discussion since 2019. It seems that the idea originated with manager Junnoske Watanabe who wanted BiSH to break up “at the coolest time.”  The group reveal the reasons and thinking behind the disbandment in a video statement, BiSH iS OVER! -The truth of dissolution-, in which the members confirm that it was a decision that they reached together. 

This is a pretty soft disbandment announcement given that we are usually lucky to get a few weeks notice that a group is calling it quits. It is very courteous of them to give more that twelve months to emotionally prepare for the impending loss and that we will have so many opportunities to say farewell. Let the long period of celebration and mourning begin. 

Also, Happy Xmas (BiSH iS OVER):