BiS Will Set the Record for Shortest Time Before Its Second Album

I actually don’t think that title’s true. I just didn’t want to put the inflammatory stuff there.

Well, kids, I hope none of you were hoping to ask out any BiS members around Valentine’s Day, because they already have plans: They’ll be promoting their second album.

Yep! That was an awful joke and I should feel bad.

In the five days since Brand-new Idol Society 2 was released, there have been oh so many takes. Some good takes, some bad takes; some cool takes, some hot takes. But man, Twitter has been delicious, even on top of the #NewIdolArmy stuff. All you takers, all you’ll have to do is keep your take engine idling for two whopping months, because that’s when the Re:STUPiD tour kicks off (more) and they’ll be teasing songs and stuff. The SiS movie will fuel many takes! Hell, you can probably fire off a take or two now!

This all, this is why I didn’t want to review the album (if you’re curious, I mostly agree with Justin to the point that I wrote a long-ass comment on his review): The whole point of releasing Brand-new Idol Society 2 to release a thing, to give fans something to buy, to gauge both how sturdy was the ground of BiS fandom and (I’m sorry) probably the length of Watanabe’s dick, too.

Sales must have beaten projections, is what I’m saying, so this second release that they’ve had planned — very possibly since the beginning — the one that will be a much stronger and louder statement, is on the expedited track to stores. No need to wait, no need to mess with anything.

But anyway! Re:STUPiD. Other than a deliberate callback to “STUPiG,” I can’t think of what’s up there; the re-releases on this album were all from the Tsubasa era, and they aren’t on a major label (yet), so unless they’re going to pay to re-record stuff that somebody else owns … Look, there’s this thing called “confirmation bias” and you should probably arm yourself with that word before Thanksgiving anyway, and I think Watanabe’s smarter than that, but you never know.

Just don’t go becoming a waste of a nostalgia act, BiS. You’re alive again, an entire idol ecosystem owes its very existence to you, people bought your record, hooray. If there’s any Destroy Mode left in Pour Lui’s tank, I hope she has it switched on and set to max. Use the legacy that you’ve already built as an archetype, not a model. Return to kicking asses.

And I realize that they’re managed by the same company and all, but … well, ball’s in your court now, BiSH.

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  1. I think it’s impossible. All of BiS major songs copyright was handled by Avex Music Creative. Idk. Let’s see soon.

  2. Full live of the Shimokitazawa SHELTER 25th Anniversary one-man posted in 5 parts here.

    [Mr. Major, I turned that into a playlist for ease of use — you remain a treasure of a human]

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