BiS Says Happy Birthday! Next Free Track

I hope it’s somebody’s birthday, because New BiS has a message for you!

Kidding! Kind of! Following up from “Human after all,” here’s another song that’s bringing influence in from all over the place — old-school heavy metal, disco, pop punk, #IDOL — to put together something way more fun than any one constituent element.

Also available for download, if Ototoy cooperates with you.

Again, good vocal work here, for all of the hand-wringing over whether BiS would be any good with the members put together. OF COURSE THEY WERE GOING TO BE GOOD. Pour Luis loves a good troll as much as her partner in crime, but she’d also probably rather be skinned alive than outright suck. Prideful people here.

(They even made Peritan sound good, which is as shocking in general as the revelation that she was in that other thing!)

5 thoughts on “BiS Says Happy Birthday! Next Free Track

  1. Ototoy cooperates when you have patience… really a service that needs a manual 😛
    Bought before I listened to it.

    On an aside: I just noticed my Deadman purchase expired. Oh well, a day not learned is a day not lived. Glad I got it already tho. ^_^

    • Ototoy purchases expire? Jeez louise. I don’t like that idea. Speaking of Louise, we caught our blogger saying “Pour Luis” – too many trips to Google Translate will do that to ya 😛
      (Fav idols: Old Book, First Summer Cormorant Squid…)

  2. A tiny bit of me is just a bit disappointed that it’s *not* a troll job and not just the five of them singing “Happy Birthday To You”.

    Still, my two year old son ran up to me as it was finishing and said “I loved that!” so they’re winning new fans.

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