BiS out to Change the World: First New BiS MV

I kinda had a feeling this one was coming:

BiS – CHANGE the WORLD [OFFiCiAL ViDEO] by Papi_Sasazaki

Pretty cool song!

What a striking change in orientation, from the epic “IDOL.” Hardcore at its darkest replaced with a straight-up punk banger, and a huge visual shift: Now that the cultural tide is in and the mainstream music industry has appropriated a lot of what BiS stood for (at least musically), it’s not a question of the idols being, and being treated as, godlike beings; they’re directly down in the muck with their fans, mingling and parading and having a party. This is where the magic happens.

“Change the World” indeed, Pour Luis.

Of course, this is the album art for Brand-new Idol Society 2:

Some things never change. At least they’re all wearing all of their clothes!

5 thoughts on “BiS out to Change the World: First New BiS MV

  1. I like the song, but the video feels really mild compared to what BiS used to be. It’s kind of disappointing, but things have changed since then. But this is the first MV, so things might change.

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