BiS Hits All the Familiar Notes and That’s Grand

So yesterday, to coincide with the release of their Propaganda to PROPAGANDA fan-voted best-of album, BiS dropped a new MV (for the lone original cut on the record, IIRC). How exciting! Given the track record of the group since being re-rebooted sans any formal relationship to its past save for name, logo and producer, it deservedly warranted some real buzz and a lot of eager clicks. Maybe we didn’t quite get what we expected, and I’ll come right out and say that I didn’t even understand (at first) what I did get, but it’s very nice and you should spend some time with it if you haven’t already, including a repeat view or two if you know what’s good for you:

I hit play and had two immediate thoughts:

  • This sounds extremely familiar
  • Oh this lesbian love story they’re telling, I’ve seen this before from WACK, weird that they’d go back to the same well but I’m not a highly paid idol producer, what do I know

Hence, I fell prey to the same instinct that I know plenty of other people had — that this is BiS’s “Orchestra”. Totally normal, as demonstrated above. Very sensible conclusion to draw under the circumstances.

Except that, as Cal pointed out after a minute, it’s actually an updated version of OG BiS’s “Hide out cut”, also notably all in English, which — I’ll spare you the whole story — I used to listen to with tears in my eyes at the thought that I’d missed OG BiS by a matter of months when I first got my loudol taste and hell I’m still doing it out of nostalgia, in no small part because Wacky’s story always gives me the sads. The MV thing, that’s not a repeat, just the song. MV’s doing its own kind of emotional heavy lifting.

Anyway, New BiS is doing just fine and this is a good song and I want the Propaganda to PROPAGANDA record they’re selling and I understand that the second disc is specifically to give to a friend so send me a copy for Christmas, thanks.