BIRTH Got Your Indie Idol Wednesday Right Here

There I was friends, staring a bunch of half-finished drafts in the face, wondering if I’d have anything worthy of Indie Idol Wednesday. Sure, like 90 percent of what all goes on here would technically count as indie, but the spirit of the thing, that’s for the underground or the spirit or whatever. New things, reimagined things, those kinds of things, those make for good Indie Idol Wednesday.

Maybe this is good enough:

Thank you, PIH!

That’s BIRTH (Twitter), for which I should be reversing the R but I’m lazy. And that’s some good stuff right there!

“sunrise” there is the third single from the project, which I must reiterate is using “Not Idol, But Idol” as a slogan, and I get it — this is an idol (Ricka) plus a guitarist (Yuma) who I’m guessing writes the music and leads the band when there is one. It’s not the only idol+band project that we’ve seen, obviously, but I have to give them a lot of credit for sounding like what I wish some other “not idol” projects were doing.

I really like this, you guys. It’s not my most immediate cup of tea, but it’s a tasty brew anyway. And it’s another project out of Fukuoka, which tends to fly a little under the radar but does have some interesting things going on.

Because I feel like proving Ricka’s idol bona fides, here’s a different project of hers (with a pretty neat video concept no less):

It helps that she can sing pretty friggin’ well, you know? Here’s a whole live to take you home.

Good work, BIRTH. And a happy Wednesday to you all.