Billie Idle’s New Video Is a Blast from the Past

I complained this morning that idol Twitter was super noisy, but nothing of consequence was going on. Then I was driving to work and stuck in traffic and gave it another look and saw Billie Idle was busy and:

Oh, this is gonna be great.

Yes, Billie Idle released the first video from their 4 IN 1: THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG EP, and it is great. But before you watch, remember how 4 IN 1 was set up, as a featured song for each of the members. This one is all Hirano Nozomi.

Noni’s one of the perfect people for this scene. She probably never had a visible career in music until she joined up with Pour Lui in BiS, but she was the counter-rock for that essential assemblage, a sweet-voiced I’ll-do-what-I-want mainstay who gave the group a lot of extra personality. She makes the most of what she has while completely committed to the punk end of idol. Her going into Billie Idle was a pleasant surprise.

But what’s all the rest of this? A guest appearance by group leader First Summer Uika was basically a given, but who are all of these other familiar faces? Why, none other than fellow former BiSmates Kamiya Saki (POP), Ten Tenko (DJ) and … holy shit, is that Mitchel?! Michibayahi Rio (office job)!

What a nice surprise. And very good move bringing in Matsukuma Kenta to write (it sounds so much like one of his songs, I started to wonder if it was a re-done BiSH track).

If this is what 4 IN 1 has in store, it’s going to be a great one.

4 thoughts on “Billie Idle’s New Video Is a Blast from the Past

  1. That was awesome – I love Billie Idle (loved BiS too!), can’t wait for the CD to come out (April 6 I think) Hirano Nozomi has always been one of my faves & First Summer Uika can do nothing wrong in my eyes (i’ll fight you for the number 1 fan position lol). – Today is a good day 🙂

    • I can’t believe I’m saying this (me!), but I almost wish that FSU hadn’t been involved. It’s basically a song made for her (it’s another “Odd Future” throwback IMO, and that was some of her best BiS work) … and damn, but I wanted Noni to really be the one to shine. She did great, she did, and the BiSreunion was nice (OMG MITCHEL!), but damn. Seriously good song, though.

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