Billie Idle, Late Night TV, Sure Thing

I wanted to get this out before I forgot about it (again), so do forgive its somewhat random nature, but check it! Billie Idle make an appearance on The NIGHT, which isn’t new for them, but this is probably the first time that I’ve seen (this much) video from it:

And what, exactly, is True Example of Human Perfection First Summer Uika doing there at the beginning? Or, what exactly is everybody doing during the talk segment? Is this a lesson in why you don’t let certain people near TV cameras?

Today, while we celebrate the embrace of death, darkness and chaos, it helps to know that there’s an idol unit out there that includes adult sisters who sing punk rock songs and dance around in rolled-up jeans and bomber jackets.

8 thoughts on “Billie Idle, Late Night TV, Sure Thing

  1. Looks like the True Example of Human Perfection wants to “improve” on perfection.
    She put out this tweet

    Which Google translates as “I am sorry if the sisters are recruiting new members but I want to enter any means”
    Thinking this was important and not sure if it had to do with the sisters in Billie Idle, the Whack auditions or something else entirely I did what I always do when something seems important but the Google translation is as clear as mud, start Google translating the replies to the tweet. I’m 95% certain that in that tweet FSU is talking about getting a boob job.

      • Here are a few google translated replies.
        “First of all, you have to put a scalpel in a place that is not your face.
        I like Uka as it is now? Really”

        “When Maihumi enters the sumo world, it seems that he had cleared his height limit by putting silicon in his head because his height was insufficient for introductory.
        … ….
        Good luck! It is!”

        “Everyone, excruciating breasts and breasts! Truly the attraction of Mr. Wika is many other things! However, if you want to be a sister, it is milk. milk”

        “It seems that breast augmentation will suffer seriously for a while …”

        Like I said 95% certain.

    • She’s talking about the Kano Sisters, (in)famous Japanese media personalities known for their intense, immediately obvious plastic surgeries: “If the Kano Sisters were to recruit new members, then I’m sorry but I would do whatever it takes to get in.”

      • Glad to hear that explanation and that is why I never give higher than 95% certainty on anything I put through Google translate. Although I did think “the sisters are recruiting/have recruited new members” was a damn good euphemism for breast augmentation surgery and will start using it myself.

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