Bellheart’s Shallow Grave with PassCode & Yurumerumo!

You may have heard about Bellring Girls Heart being gutted in the very near future when Ayano and Mizuho graduate, and the group going on a I-believe-it-this-time temporary hiatus before a very soft reboot next year.

What you may not have heard about is how they’re going to go out as vividly as possible.

Yes, their farewell tour will be known as Shallow Grave (because they’ll rise again, see), and as the website describes it, it’s going to be a massive, human-ruining gamut of left-and-right performances, including at least two very special joint stages with their friends.

Yep, they’re bringing back Bell Melt More! and BELL/CODE. Hold on to your butts.

Here’s some additional (better) video of Bell Melt More! in action:

For their part, PassCode seems pretty stoked about it.

That’s actually the precursor to Bellheart’s last one-man on the same day. If you’re able to score tickets for those things … man, I’m totally jealous of you but also pretty excited that I’d actually make it to 2017.

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