Bellheart: New Album(?), Tokyo Dome(~), Throwing Members off a Bridge

Well this is all fun.

According to this tweet, Bellheart is in the process of getting out their third full studio album, which I’m sure will be delightful, and I’m guessing that it’s either going to be completed before any prospective new members join (so NLT early February to keep Moechi on it) or way the hell after that because new members (like March or something). Still, cool.

They’re also on their way to the Tokyo Dome … City Hall. Ha. I have no idea what that is, but I do appreciate that it’s probably a pretty big deal, anyway. Kind of like “Babymetal‘s playing Wembley!” and people are like “Holy shit, you have to be a really big goddamn deal to play Wembley! Oh, the Su-metal and Freddy Mercury memes will be in full effect!” and then you’re like, “No, Wembley Arena” and everybody goes “Oh, that makes a little more sense. Still awesome! That’s a big place!”

That’s kind of how I imagine this one is for Bellheart. They are kind of the queens of the underground (are they even still underground, really?); find a big venue in Tokyo and give everybody a big enough notice, and you’ll probably be able to get a decent attendance number. I mean, I’d go.

And in other Bellheart news

They made Ayano go bungee jumping. She looks so thrilled!

Fly, you twisted little crow! Fly!

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