Behold! The Ultimate Yui Ga Dokuson Experience!


When Watanabe announced that Gang Parade’s loveable bespectacled weirdo Yui Ga Dokuson was to get her own indies single all the way back in December, no-one really knew what to expect. This is a girl who paints eyebrows on her face with lipstick for crying out loud. Some people didn’t even think it would actually happen, especially when Watanabe revealed on Twitter that he had forgotten all about it. And yet, here it is, before we even got the “actual” election reward singles from Aina and Chitti that we’ve heard nothing from since.

And, the content of this music video, well, it somehow manages to be both unexpected, yet exactly what Odoku fans around the globe were expecting at once (which is to say, a hot mess, but in a good way). It’s energetic. It causes headaches. There are golden phallic things and sticky slap hands. There’s well-known Gyaru circle, Black Diamond, looking like they would rather be literally anywhere else. I just don’t know how to react. It is the ultimate Yui Ga Dokuson experience.

Kerrie’s lucky that she understood anything of what was going on in there; Maniac had a lot of jokes and questions, and none of them were good for anybody involved

8 thoughts on “Behold! The Ultimate Yui Ga Dokuson Experience!

  1. this is my fetish.

    the real question is how long will wack keep getting away with stealing the names of iconic pop songs..
    Like A Virgin
    Whole Lotta Love
    Paint It Black
    they did All You Need Is Love aswell 2 years ago, but that one might be a coincidence,

      • Using names of already famous songs was a thing in Eurobeat back in the day, combine that with WACKs tendency to do the same and i don’t think this song ever had a chance of having an original name.

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