Before They Were Homicidol: Imada Yuna and the Wages of Sloth

Whoops, I did it again; despite some doubts about whether delving back into the bowels of some favorite idols’ performance history was worth the trouble, the now-not-so-recent entry on BiSH’s Atsuko* got me thinking about other notables’ time as safe, normal idols, and I remembered Yuna’s time before PassCode.

Yes, the world’s tiniest harsh vocalist was, once upon a time, this:

She’s in there if you look very closely!

That’s SO.ON Project, an Osaka-based idol factory that also gave us some of NEVE SLIDE DOWN, among others. Yuna references her time with them here, as part of her moody youth.

What, did you really think that capable on-stage performers just fell out of the sky? But, as Yuna references in that interview linked above, SO.ON was helpful to her development, but she was lazy and gloomy and young (these things tend to go together), and the overall shape of the experience got her into PassCode.

I guess being a pill can work out for you sometimes?

*I originally meant to publish this ages ago.