Because You Know It Ain’t This Website, What Else Might Idols Actually Endorse?

Hey everyone, how’s it going? Last you probably heard from me was when Maniac handed me the site, I overhauled it into a Simpsonswave fansite and then joined the navy. The navy thing didn’t go too well. I thought boot camp would be like last week’s WACK boot camp but with boats. But there were no boats. No Aina. Not even any hot sauce. What’s the point?

So anyway, I’m back to the old job of writing the Friday posts while also shilling my store until Maniac makes enough money that he can pay me the 5 pence I deserve for what I do for this site! Last time, I asked for your ideas on alternative uses for idol penlights:

If the stupid thing doesn’t show up, click here

Granted I still have no idea what do with a penlight but that said I also own a pair of Kamen Joshi Akiba sandals that I only wore once while I was drunk, so, y’know. Which leads into this week: When an idol becomes famous enough, they’re sure to get a couple of brand deals down the line. Even on the alt-idol sid,e they’re starting to show up such as with BiSH/Zippo last year, and now Poor Lui’s (da-dum-tish) being forced to lose weight to promote a gym. Idols and advertising go together like cats and horribly scratched-up arms. Just look at Homicidol Legend Jun Togawa promoting toilets back in the 80s:

This week, we want your ideas for future idol brand deals and promotions! Tweet your suggestions with the hashtag #IdolBrandDeals and the best will be shown next time.

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