Because the World Needs More Like buGG

It’s quiet out there. Too quiet! Somebody went and twisted around the spring timeline to drop us into the middle of idol doldrums right smack dab in the middle of what used to be a pretty exciting time. Boo on that! So let’s get back to fundamentals for a minute and do what Homicidols Dot Com used to be really good at — looking at new and of-limited-discovery idol projects!

Here’s one that’s been on my personal radar for a few months (this draft was in the queue as of Dec. 28, 2018!), one that quite literally popped up due to a recommendation-by-affiliation with some personal favorite stuff but that I, being occasionally dense and consistently lazy, didn’t draw out completely until much more recently. They have a fun name (that reminds me of this, you’re welcome) and seem like a fun time and in fact aren’t “new” at all so much as they’re probably unfamiliar to most of us — it’s buGG (Twitter), and here’s their newest song!

Here it is live:

And here are lyrics:

That’s quite a bouncy bit of pop punk! And … well, yes, that’s exactly what the group is for. It will also not surprise you to learn that they’re affiliated with PIIIIIIIN and QUEENS, spiritually as well as physically. And that’s a-okay, because if there was ever a genre of music that idol was tailor-made to do, it’s bouncy-ass pop punk.

Now, as I mentioned, I’ve been buGGing for a while at this point, just enjoying things that come down through their official channels when that happens. I think you should enjoy some of those as well!

I mentioned that they’ve been around for a while — almost two years, in fact! — so it’s kind of weird that they barely made a blip in our collective consciousness until around the turn of the year, when they … well, when they made a slightly larger blip. They’re like a blank idol canvas! So let’s learn about them:

Do they have moxie? Spunk? Friend, let me tell you that they do.

This is the spot to insert the obligatory note on excitement and future endeavors and all of that, but you know what? While I do with them the absolute best here, I’m more going to say, hey I like this just fine and maybe you will as well!