Beautiful Things Happen When Idols Are Friends

I had somewhat grandiose plans to celebrate this amazing juncture of NECRONOMIDOL and Guso Drop, but life intervened with a vengeance over the last couple of days, and ol’ Maniac just plumb ran out of time to do it well. Fortunately, John was on the case.

Honestly, if this doesn’t get Collaboration of the Year, something (especially) terrible is wrong with the universe.

Sometimes things come together in great ways. Who remembers the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials? What goes together as well as chocolate and peanut butter? Well, it seems NECRONOMIDOL and 偶想Drop do, as was seen last night at their 2-man live: 『暗黒混沌GIG』.

via NECRONOMIDOLxGuso Drop – Dark Chaos GIG — Straight From Japan

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Things Happen When Idols Are Friends

  1. As far as harsh vox go I do agree they’re damn good. Not sure Necroma needs a tweak in that vocal direction though. I was surprised, and definitely no better place to display that talent.

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