Batten Show Jo Tai’s Latest is Ska-riffic

And now you’ll see what I meant in that BiS post; this was actually scheduled last night

Why didn’t somebody (Mister Mister) tell me about this? “Irritating” “Special Day” (see comment), Batten Show Jo Tai’s third single, is out on Feb. 15, and the PV is out now, and it’s exactly the jolt you need on stupid January Hump Day.

ばってん少女隊 – 「すぺしゃるでい」すぺしゃるVer. by jaeho-choi

I’m only putting something after the jump because I feel like I should, and because I have a footnote that I’d just as soon not display on the home page, so here’s your obligatory parenthetical: Also, their website is, and that’s hilarious.

7 thoughts on “Batten Show Jo Tai’s Latest is Ska-riffic

  1. Wow, Google Translate became an even worse piece of shit after that new update with machine learning…

    The title just says “Special Day” with Japanese letters.

  2. Eh, oops… I had no idea the video was out! 😛
    I just filed them in my mind under “check back in February” when they announced the release date of the single.

    The song is pretty good! A tiny bit more mellow and not as in your face as their usual A-sides but it’s supposed to be a Valentines single or whatever so i guess that fits…

    That song in the credits though…. Hrm…
    I will forgive it since it sounds like a good song and they have had mellower songs in the past but i hope they pick it up(heh) again and it’s not a sign of their future direction.
    (I am not really that worried, i just wanted to get that “pick it up” in there…)

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