Babyraids JAPAN Will Bring Their Idorock Show to San Francisco

This is such cool news, gang: The impossibly infectious chief denizens of idorock, Babyraids JAPAN, will be performing at this year’s J-POP SUMMIT in San Francisco (says the guy repeating his own headline):

Tommy and Dave with the goods!

BAND-MAID, who are honorary members of the homicidol continuum, and SCANDAL, who are not but still cool*, will be there, too.

And what luck! This is brand new!

Basically, if you have the chance, this is one not to miss. I make my personal bones far, far away from the Babyraids of the world, but they’re definitely on the list of idols who I’d try very hard to see if I were ever in Japan. And no, I won’t be going to San Francisco, regardless, so I trust in those of you who will to keep us informed on all the good stuff that goes down.

*SCANDAL was being very openly talked about last week, but it looks like no, they won’t actually be there, or still aren’t confirmed, so.

5 thoughts on “Babyraids JAPAN Will Bring Their Idorock Show to San Francisco

  1. Oooh! Cool. I wonder if them playing the same event as bands makes them splurge a bit and get a backing band to follow them over?

    What is that new Band-Maid song… Sigh…
    They irritate me because they have talent and i feel like i could get very into them but their music is just sorta boring and getting even duller by the sound of that song.

  2. Kudos to Babyraids. Tight AF and great presence.
    but… they have one hell of an advantage besides their talent.

    The fact that trad (non-instrument) Idols, following the letter of the law, under USCIS-129 application guidlines, singers/dancers aren’t sufficient for crucial AFM referral for a US P-1 Visa really sucks. The 75% AND Individual one-year-in-employ rule makes it difficult, too. Free shows? Ya, ’till you get refused entry. Established musical performance groups are often refused, for ONE new member in the line-up (or their entourage).

    At least the laws are written so Team USA gets plenty of Canadian and UK sports/entertainment talent with a free pass on all restrictions. That’s cool.

    The loophole would be an “IDOL” exchange program. Thanks a whole bunch, paranoid countrymen, most of our “IDOLS” GTFO ASAP.

    BAND-MAID. Gonna try going left-coast for them.

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