Babymetal’s Red Mass / Black Mass Videos Available

Disclaimer: I’d ordinarily not post this kind of video, and I’m on the fence even while telling you that, but these two shows were special The One-only events held pretty much one year ago in the buildup for Babymetal‘s 2015 world tour — that is, the tour that turned them from niche-interest-festival-fringe-act-with-viral-video to officially-a-big-deal.

And now that they’re not even three weeks away from fully kicking off the tour that’s likely to solidify them, even if just for a minute, as the biggest thing in rock, where Babymetal is literally standing on the precipice of actually changing the game for a hell of a lot of people, I think it’ll be fun to take a look at these two events.

Red Mass was “Megitsune-only”; that is, only for women, and they had to bring a friend and wear red. Black Mass was “Headbanger-only,” a show for men only, but they had to dress in black and suitably do the corpse paint thing to look like a kami.

These shows were included on DVD/BD as part of the Metal Resistance special edition for members of The One, which you have to jump through hoops to join for some reason and then you might be able to find the actual product here.

2 thoughts on “Babymetal’s Red Mass / Black Mass Videos Available

  1. Who the hell does Babymetal think they are? An all female audience? All female mosh’sh pit? All female wall of death? Are they unaware of Commandment #6, of the “Ten Commandments of Troo Meh’tal”, which states, “Thou shalt only perform before an audience of angsty teen boys and arrested development 40yr old males”. Someone needs to inform these heretics that “Real Metal” is all about conformity and strict adherence to guidelines set forth by the ancient ones. When the “Troo Kvlt” 12yr olds that inhabit Metalsucks and Blabbermouth catch wind of this blasphemy, it shall be the end of this Babymetal forever. Pfft

    • Too funny. Commandment #7 : Thou shalt exhaust all monetary gains on the consumption of drugs and alcohol. POSERS

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