BABYMETAL’s Back. Tell a Friend.

Twelve months-and-a-day after sealing themselves away from the world, BABYMETAL have completed their restoration and announced their imminent return from hiatus.

Unfortunately, it looks like restoration didn’t include refurbishment of the Yuibot.

SU-METAL and MOAMETAL are returning to Earth and taking to the stage for two nights at Makuhari Messe in late January. This will be followed in late March by the release of a ten-track concept album, THE OTHER ONE. Between now and the album drop, the kawaii metal pioneers will be releasing a new single each month as detailed by their LEGEND MAP.  As for the album, you can pre-order one or all of the eleven different versions of the CD and (at least) seven variations of vinyl pressings now:

After twelve months of nothing but NFTs and camping gear to whet their appetites, the BABYMETAL faithful are soon to have their patience rewarded with an abundance of new material and (we can only assume) tour dates.

To gauge the reaction to the news, we took our virtual camera to the virtual streets of Calle de Homicidols (aka, the Homicidols Discord server) to see what the average chika idol fan had to say about the return of the Fox God’s favorites.

Wota-on-the-Street Reactions to the Return of BABYMETAL

Chris: I am disappointed there are a mere 11 versions of the CD and seven of the vinyl to choose from. I would ideally like to purchase it in the form of an automaton clock where, on the hour, little clockwork figures of Su and Moa and the Kami Band come out and perform the album. This is of course assuming the album is under an hour long.

brendo: I sure hope there’s no NFT garbage attached to the new album. Okay, so Nogizaka plug instant noodles on instagram… but you can eat noodles. You can’t eat an NFT.

Maersel: I like BABYMETAL. Put that in.

Hampus: I honestly didn’t know they were on hiatus, but new music sounds nice.

Freisör: pog

SirFritz218: I’m curious about the new album. They kind of got me into Idols, but I haven’t kept an eye on them recently.

Kerrie: I had a metal baby once. My husband sold it to a scrap metal dealer in the divorce.

sleepypanda: Eh… I don’t know if I’ll ever be as excited as I was back when they were part of Sakura Gakuin. But, yeah I’ll see what the music is like before saying anything. Maybe the break was good for them.

Stephe Sp☆rkles: I can’t believe KOBAMETAL still hasn’t gone for the obvious tie-in with Kitsune Udon.

D4rkWzd: I didn’t even notice they went on hiatus since their natural pace is to release music once a decade.

Monsieur Paper: What’s the deal? So there’s only, like, two girls now? We don’t know? I feel like they’ve done what they had to do. They released good albums, created a new musical current, so honestly, whether they continue or not doesn’t change much.

phantomxands: ::runs & dodges under camera::

FK-P: I’d say it’s impressive they have been going for so many years.

Hello_Moto: The merchandising shenanigans that they’ve been pulling in recent years have really alienated me from ever wanting to support them tbh.

WhiteseeD: I just wanna see more groups being popular enough to tour in the west.

antineodeconstructedpostcorewave: Metal Galaxy sounded so weird, but I don’t listen to them much these days. I guess this next album could be great.

dahts: Love babies, love metal, love the combination. Simple as.

SubenW: I don’t listen to BABYMETAL so I have no thoughts.

Joshi_New_Wave: Excited for the album, will be great. Fanbase will be snarky and annoying. So my plan will be to avoid the fan base and enjoy the music.

So there you have it. An enthusiastic mixture of cautious optimism and indifference. And a definitive preference for no more NFT tie-ins. 

Welcome back, BABYMETAL!!