Babymetal: See You in the U.S. in April!

Babymetal’s at-times hilarious performance partnership with Red Hot Chili Peppers continues unabated: The Peppers are coming to North America beginning today and running into July, and their idol metal pals will be part of the fun:

Babymetal’s going to be on the April leg, starting in D.C. (hi again!) on the 12th (Verizon Center! Arena tour!) and running down through the Southeast (lots of Florida) and Arkansas. All of the dates are here, and you can get your tickets here.

They’re just missing Madison Square Garden, but if they’re going to be in the United States throughout April, you can pretty much book it that they’ll be doing other dates in other places. New York does loom, with more media appearances.

Saturday Night Live? And could they pull off MSG at this point? Start your rumor mills now!

The only question left, then, is will we get a release this year? They still owe us an actual announcement, after all.

3 thoughts on “Babymetal: See You in the U.S. in April!

  1. Still waiting for Chicago dates. >.< They seem to love it there since they were back twice last year to play.

    • I really do think that this is just the first part of this year’s dates; granted, that’s a lot in a month, but they aren’t yet confirmed for any festivals and seem to have an April-May-June preference for North America. We’ll see!

  2. Late Spring for N.A. because Festival season starts in Euroland shortly therabouts. Of course they really need to have a some S.A. shows and maybe AUS or NZ too!

    (Conspiracy Addendum) a residence burned by Majesty’s forces in the early 1800’s. The Idoluminatti shall not be denied. They have spacecraft. And dancing. Oh, the dancing…

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