Babymetal Releases Album … Title

We’re probably still several weeks away from a lead single and/or video, but the April 1 (Fox Day) release of Babymetal‘s second album will bring with it one less surprise:

The Kitsune Warriors’ upcoming release will be called “Metal Resistance,” which fans will immediately recognize from in-concert kamishibai as sort of the entire point of Babymetal. It’s a neat nod to the fans and continues the girls’ kayfabe role as the saviors of heavy metal, and of course dovetails nicely from their blistering collaboration with DragonForce, “Road of Resistance.”

Will there be other collaborations? There’s been scuttlebutt for a while, based on this spread from Rolling Stone Japan, that Trivium (or at least Matt Heafy) would be the next to write and record for Su-metal, Moametal and Yuimetal, but we’re going on two years now without result. Not even DragonForce took that long.

From Rolling Stone Japan, a full-fold spread of Babymetal and Matt Heafy of American metal band Trivium