Babymetal Has ADDED a Tokyo Dome Date; Legend Doomsday Is Real

If I’m being honest with myself, things like this make me both excited and nervous at the same time.

It’s just 110,000 people in two days. No big deal. Just a flash in the pan.

Of course, this does re-raise the question of what they’re going to be doing at the Dome. One show there is extremely expensive; two doesn’t double that cost, but it’s still a lot to account for. And that tag line …

I’m not saying that X Y or Z is definitely going to happen, and I’m guessing as much as anybody can, but something’s cooking, and I hope I don’t dislike the taste.

9 thoughts on “Babymetal Has ADDED a Tokyo Dome Date; Legend Doomsday Is Real

  1. It’s just a tourfinal , ok at Tokyo dome which is epic , but what’s supposed to happen ? , nothing wrong here as far as i see it but maybe you know more ☺

    • The most likely scenario is that it’s just a final; Babymetal though is very deliberate in their path. Big shows are used to announce changes and developments, and this is another Legend Doomsday, which of course is the beginning of the end of the world. One way or another, it will be a show of significance.

      • Regardless of what conclusions may occur, the question is, will the Maniacal one be witnessing the spectacle in the flesh???? We have already laid the groundwork for the venture and have 3 separate entities standing by for the public sale of tickets. What we already learned is that the pre-sale for fan club members has already occurred and we surmise that “The One” members absorbed most of the tickets, leaving nothing for outsiders, hence the additional show. The public sale begins August 27th. Assuming that our internet connected entities may fail us, we plan to be on the ground a week or so prior and will be prepared to pay re-sale prices if need be. Luckily for us, the geographic location of the Tokyo Dome, puts us a hop skip and a jump from our beloved Masked Ninjas of Akiba, they will provide us with multiple evenings of stage diving, crowd lifting and crowd sailing. With fistfuls of yen and zero language skills, it should be a time for the ages. Don’t miss out, you’ll regret it forever, especially if it turns out to be a true finale.

          • Makes me sad my friend. To see a man who has such a passion be denied an opportunity. Although we do not have the power to manipulate time, we do have the power to overcome other obstacles. May we offer our assistance in cost of admission, lodging and sustenance? Leaving only time and air travel cost as your only obstacle. Odd that the shows are on a Mon. & Tues, but you could jet in and jet out for the 19th show within a 48hr time frame. We will leave this offer on the table, the choice is yours.

          • Your appreciation is acknowledged. Do not despair, we’re confident there will be other opportunities that will fit your parameters. More than likely, this events result will simply provide Amuse an occasion to sell us a 4 disc box set, similar to the Momoclo multi day events we have in our collection. We will leave our offer on the table until Aug. 27th, when definitive decisions will have to be made.

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