BABYMETAL AWAKENS!! Announces 3rd Album Release Date, European Tour and More

On night one of BABYMETAL AWAKENS – The Sun Also Rises at Yokohama arena, KOBAMETAL woke up and realized he had forgotten to tell anyone when the group’s new album was being released. Shortly following Friday night’s show, he finally announced:

METAL GALAXY, BABYMETAL’s third album, will be released on October 11th 2019. This date coincides with their first-ever U.S arena show at the Forum in Los Angeles.

The 16-track album will come in at least seven flavors:

  • Limited SUN version – (2CD / Analog size jacket) – ¥ 4,500
  • Limited MOON edition – (2CD / Analog size jacket) – ¥ 4,500
  • Limited edition – (2CD + DVD) – ¥ 4,200 
  • Normal edition – (2CD) – ¥ 3,500
  • Analog version – (2Vinyl) – ¥ 5,000
  • THE ONE Limited Edition- (2CD + DVD) – ¥ 9,000 + THE ONE fan club membership
  • A transparent vinyl version has also popped up on the English language store.

All in all, the opening nights of World Tour 2019 turned out to be two eventful evenings. The opening kamishibai closed with the following:

And to support SU-METAL and MOAMETAL

three brave avengers were summoned by the FOX GOD.

Today, one out of these three CHOSEN DANCERS will be selected

but who will be summoned is something only the FOX GOD knows.

Night one’s CHOSEN DANCER was revealed to be SU-METAL‘s former classmate from Actor’s School Hiroshima (and former member of Morning Musume), Riho Sayashi.  Night two saw the current President of Sakura Gakuin, Fujihira Kano chosen to join former Presidents SU and MOAMETAL.  Only the Fox God knows who will be showing up to complete the kawaii trinity at Glastonbury Tomorrow.

The set list for both nights consisted of two brand new songs, all four singles released in the past year, and no Kami Band solos or Black Babymetal numbers. F.Hero was on hand to help perform new banger, “Pa Pa Ya”.

Of the two new songs introduced, one is an anthem ala “Road of Resistance” while the other has a heavy Indian influence to both it’s sound and dance.

Another significant change revealed in Yokohama was replacement of the butoh face paint of the Kami Band with full facial masks that apparently resemble Harry Potter Death Eaters. The only identifying characteristics of the members were their instruments and are believed to have been ISAO, Boh, Leda and Hideki.

BABYMETAL also took this opportunity to announce the first two legs of the METAL GALAXY World Tour.

First Japan:

Then 17 dates across Europe and Russia:

And there is probably more news to come. For now, BABYMETAL are racing to the UK to perform at Glastonbury which you may be able to catch on BBCs iPlayer.