Babymetal at the Tokyo Dome Updates Megathread

They’re apparently playing “Onedari Daisakusen” like a day after saying they wouldn’t. Koba, you cad!

This is the big news?

Follow the feed:

After the cut, a whole crazy-ass mess of Red Night stuff — live video, something that definitely isn’t a bootleg of the entire Red Night performance, more live video, internal references to WILD CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Also, do yourself a favor and go read Daemon’s report.

A little something on Soundcloud that you could listen to that is in no way a very clear bootleg of the entire show


160919_TOKYO DOME_BABYMETAL_Shinkopation by ih8KZQwj


2016/09/19 Gimme Chocolate!! – Live@TOKYO DOOM by J-Shock

Red Night set list:

“Tales of the Destinies”! I’d give an arm to see that live. Poor Takayoshi …

Here’s a (digestible) thread from Reddit — Black and gold! Yui’s tears! … I still can’t get over “Tales of the Destinies”!

That thing in action:


For any questions about the weird neck thing with the little device DIRECTLY OVER YOUR VOICE BOX, it was to make this happen:

I guess this is what passes for Red Night news:

Your Twitter archive:

So, so much cosplay

Original post stuff

I was going to try to do something really cute with this, but if history has taught me anything, it’s that big Babymetal shows have a tendency to shut down everything other than the big Babymetal shows; best to just let it wash over you and worry about the clever stuff after the fact.

You can also add stuff in the comments here if you catch wind of something interesting, like Teratani Mina seen entering the Dome’s side entrance “in cosplay.”

I’ll update, too, as meaningful news comes out. But we all know that, new song possibility aside, the really good stuff (album, tour update, Moametal graduating) won’t happen until Black Night. So, in the meantime, enjoy the top results from #BadassBabymetal!

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