Babymetal Added a Show in LA and No I Don’t Know

So. Babymetal’s touring with Red Hot Chili Peppers this spring, and Korn and friends during the summer, and now they’re doing a date of their own in Los Angeles:

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Official Twitter sent out the same news not long after, so:

I wanted to believe that announcing a standalone date (that is, not as part of someone else’s tour) was going to be the beginning of a reveal of an actual standalone tour (or leg of one), but it so far looks like this one show might be it — why make a formal announcement if that isn’t the case? Unless they’re pointlessly trying to save face where they haven’t before, for instance.

I realize that it doesn’t matter, really, not in light of the fact that they’re doing this show with an opening act. Like, HELLYEAH is still a Vinnie Paul band, and in light of neither Superjoint nor Damageplan (RIP) being involved, Babymetal is now officially bigger than Pantera. May the gods help us all.

But again, the normalization continues. Now they have established bands as openers. I am well-pleased.

Next up: Take idols on tour, too.

8 thoughts on “Babymetal Added a Show in LA and No I Don’t Know

  1. This is a wonderful opportunity for HELLYEAH. So is this the last year BM is considered IDOL???

    R.I.P. Diamond Darrel. Met him on the Cowboys tour. He was still Diamond back then. FML, I’m old.

  2. To be honest I was a bit bored of Babymetal being opener for other bands. Somehow it felt like they are wasting time as they could had instead aimed at touring by themselves in countries they so far not visited. To me it felt like they could had grown bigger and made a impact by themselves. Instead of trying to win a few new fans playing as opening act.

    I’m happy if they now are headlining and have opening acts instead. Indeed it would be a good idea of bringing idols as opening acts.

    I still hope they can one day also play here in the northern shores.

    • People consider babymetal such a foreign entity from idol groups these day that I doubt their fans would know what one really is if it jumped up and bite them on the butt, the majority of babymetal fans from my experience of speaking to them arnt into other idol groups(and don’t consider babymetal to have ever been one ‍♂️ ) So yeah them bringing idol groups on tour with them would be pointless or every idol group will just end being thought of as a band as usual…

      • By my experience and friends who are also into Babymetal, they are also a lot into idol groups. Especially the more loud ones and those similar to Babymetal. Many Babymetal fans are into and seem to also like Sakura Gakuin. That’s where the girls started from. A large part of Babymetal fans where already into idol and japanese music before Babymetal came around. I’m one of them. I know also metal heads who got into idol just because of Babymetal. A friend of mine even now listens to C-ute. It really surprised me. Babymetal are still sort of idols. Well the concept behind Babymetal is to fuse idol and metal. Them being a three piece unit, how most of the singing is arranged, the dance choreography, how the girls dress and so on. Is pretty much idol like. The only part missing is they mostly don’t promote themselves as idols do and they don’t the common idol fanservice either. Well they are still kinda worshiped by fans just in the same way as idols are. I wonder how the girls see themselves…idol or not? Have they ever declared themselves being not idol?

        Also there is plenty of loud and heavy idol groups there that would fit pretty well as opening acts for Babymetal. I think it would go well down with most of the Babymetal audience.

  3. last time i saw Pantera was at the Palladium- with Anthrax and Coal Chamber, I believe…. I dont like Hellyeah (Mudvayne V2.0) in the slightest but i am glad BM are fin ally taking a chanced…. pray the beer cups dont start flying at the stage

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