Avandoned Says “Hello!!”

I was wholly unprepared for the sheer sunshine power of this new spot from Avandoned. Wholly. My goodness.

Congratulations, friend, on acquiring the ear worm that’s not going to get out of your mind for the next couple of days.

I definitely looked to make sure that this wasn’t a SCRAMBLES joint, but it’s not, and that was a silly thought because “Hello!!” has more personality than the most tepid Kentacore ballad, but yeah, a lot of the same moves at play there. And, maybe it’s my mood, does anybody else feel like there’s something missing?

Watching Beni and Kotao be all of Avandoned together makes me realize that they’re barely a year removed from having four members and being … I don’t know, cooler? But then Nayuta got herself kicked out, and Konomi graduated (on her terms), and then Kotao was added and everything seemed fine but then Natsuki just up and quit out of nowhere and Avandoned just plain feels different. I don’t even think it’s the members’ fault, not musically at least, and Beni in particular has charm points for days, but there’s “catchy” (which this is!) and “has lots of character” (which was more “Feedback Friday”), and yeah.

Maybe it’s the price of relative indie fame? They’re pretty much Trash-Up!!’s flagship anymore, no, even though they’re repped by Xidea?

Anyway, the single’s out on the 30th. I’d get it on the strength of this track alone (and, also, Avandoned), but I’d also do it in the hopes that the B-side, “FEVER,” has a little more something to it.

2 thoughts on “Avandoned Says “Hello!!”

  1. This is fab. No slight to Kotao, but it’s easy to forget there’s more to Avandoned than just Beni! I’m glad there’s new music out!

  2. I’d been seeing the 2-piece avandoned photos and it didn’t even occur to me that they’d lost natsuki… that said, this song definitely isn’t feedback friday but it certainly has enough charm to keep me around

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