The Newest Dreamcatcher Left Me Feeling Odd

I always know whenever a new Dreamcatcher release comes out, because my Twitter feed will be always inevitably be on fire. “DON’T STOP STREAMING THIS!” they cry. “WHY IS THIS ONLY AT 350K VIEWS?!” they scream. “SIYEON MY GODDESS, BLESS MY SINFUL WAYS WITH YOUR HOLY THROAT SOUNDS” they beg. Following K-Pop groups after having primarily been a fan of underground J-idol groups for so long is honestly pretty jarring.

Dreamcatcher’s newest music video, “Odd Eye”, is, sadly, not a cover of the Yukueshirezutsurezure song of the same name, because frankly, nobody can possibly handle that much power. It does, however, see the long-awaited return of Chinese member Handong, who took a year-and-a-half vacation in order to fail a reality TV show in her native country.  So, how does her comeback release hold up?

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Bringing Back Friday Fun For An Annual Tradition #2021IdolPredictions

Yes, 2020 has been a horrible year for many, and I’m sure I’m not the only one glad to see the end of it. But as I celebrate New Year’s Eve (New Year’s Day by the time you read this), something feels empty. It can’t be the enforced lockdown preventing any parties from happening, I never leave the house!

Oh, that’s right, normally I’d be reading all of your predictions for the coming year. But my silly unmotivated self killed the Friday Fun like 2020 killed everything else that kept me going! So, ah sod it, let’s bring back Friday Funs as a seasonal event. Starting with our traditional annual predictions!

But first, let’s look back on 2020’s predictions an analyse the absolute bitch that is hindsight:

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We Want Your Best Of 2020 Nominations!

Oh thank goodness, the ongoing agony that has been 2020 is almost over. Just over a month to go now, I can almost feel the collective weight that has been this hell year being lifted from my shoulders as 2021, free from possibly the worst and most confusing year most of us have had to face in our lifetimes; at least, until three days into 2021 when we’ll probably all get drafted into a war against a vengeful alien species from another planet at the same time another much-loved Homicidols figure announces her retirement. 

With it being late November, this is the time when we begin to wrap up proceedings for our annual Homicidols best-of rundown. I know 2020 has mostly been a crapshoot in all regards, but hey, it’s not been all bad; O’CHAWANZ released two entire albums!

As with previous years, team Homicidols have been collectively listing notable idol events and releases of the year into a handy list of reminders to say “Hey! Remember that single that came out really early that year?” which we then whittle down into a shortlist of our team picks.

Now, this is where you come in! Now that the team picks are ready to go, we’d like to hear from you! For the next week, we’d like you to submit your personal nominations for each category. At the end of the week, using a special, private system I’ll be weighing the team nominations with the community nominations to create a hopefully balanced and interesting shortlist. Continue reading

Never Gonna Give You Up Up, Always Gonna Let You Down Down

Sorry, I already used “Up Up And Away” a few years back. (Thank you Maniac for this alternative headline!)

Do you remember last month, when Up Up Girls (Kari) were being awfully shady about the future of the group, promoting a “final live with the current line-up” and all that? Generally making everyone panic with the idol equivalent of vaguetweeting?

Don’t worry, that new line-up was just new members. Okay, cool. A bit odd to be adding new girls after a decade without any additions but I won’t complain…

Oh wait, never mind, they were just saving the bad stuff as a surprise for later. Everyone except Azusa are out of the group!

God damn it.

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Pimm’s Intoxicates Us… With Facts!

Would you look at that, a new video from possibly the best group to share its name with an iconic English beverage!

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A K-Pop Double Bill

It’s not often we get to write about K-Pop on Homicidols, but we always have to brace ourselves when we do! And this weekend, we got not one, but two Korean acts dropping music videos that are actually worth at least a quick mention! Buckle up, weebs, we’re taking a ferry to South Korea!

First off is an act we’ve mentioned here a few times before, Dreamcatcher, with their much-teased promotional video for their newly-released Dystopia: Lose Myself EP.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #187

Wow, what a week! Maniac’s back, Miss iD got a whole boatload of familiar faces on deck (more on that later, hopefully!) and earlier today my cat managed to catch and eat a butterfly whole! Oh, and all this great stuff too.

PS: The opinions expressed here do not reflect the entire Homicidols writing squad.

It may be a minority opinion, but allow me to emphatically say out loud that BLACKNAZARENE is dumb and boring and you should stop supporting this farce:

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50 YMM MVs Day 22: Interactive

I think Maniac can put in a more comprehensive review of this video!

Hamidashi Paradise is a memorable music video for me in more ways than its memorable choose-your-own adventure style; it was my first real exposure to You’ll Melt More! aside from them occasionally sprouting up in my music feed and making me go “well, that was nice!”.

Back in the day, Hamidashi Paradise also brought up a little bit of pent-up anxiety, having just finished an Interactive Design course so disastrously that seeing anything even slightly technically-impressive brought back flashbacks of failed javascript attempts and panic attacks on presentation day! The video was also mercilessly robbed by DEEP GIRL during the first-ever Homicidols Best-Of poll (which, considering DEEP GIRL crashed and burned soon after said win while YMM! are still standing strong today, that can be either amusing or tragic depending on your general worldview).

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Your Homicidols Weekender #186

On a week that was either turbulent, or boring, depending on who you ask, we still have idols to tide the week by.

What exactly happened this week, you ask?

Well, for starters, have you noticed some of the recent overhauls to the site lately? Everyone give a big round of applause for Daemon, who made all of this (as well as a lot of this weekender) possible! 

And screw it, why not clap for this stuff too:

MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN are now an edamame themed unit, or something.

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Some of You Already do This Fun on a Daily Basis

Let’s take a look at the biggest style icons of last week.

This week is another fun where you need to climb into the mindset of an idol. Whether that be your oshi, or idols in general. For this week, you’re going to tweet like one! Better get that impersonation talent going because someone’s gonna have to fill the void if Kamiya Saki deletes twitter after her graduation today!

So, think like an idol, and then tweet like an idol, with the oh-so-original hashtag, #TweetLikeAnIdol.