At Least Mugen Regina’s Going to Go Somewhat out in Style

So just following up on Mugen Regina’s indeterminate hiatus situation, they’ve apparently decided that going gently into that good night is going to be a rager:

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s how you do it.

Third one-man, and basically a whole bunch of blasts from the past, with appearances from original member Nagata Yui and doing-her-own-thing Haruno Megumi, plus a cameo from former leader Suzuki Ayame.

I’ll be disappointed if that’s all we ever do get out of Mugen Regina, but 2016 was a rough year for Life Is Sweet Music and Luna Factory, so it might be that management just wants to cry uncle. And if not, at least this is a good way to get some extra cash and see if there’s as much support as you hope you have.