At Least Especia Died Giving Us Nice Music

Among all the reasons that we can’t have nice things, there’s a disturbing trend by which I’ll be a little late to the game on a particular project — band, idols, whatever — that disbands one way or another not all that long after the discovery. In this case, it’s Especia, the idols-turned-not-idols(?) who seemed impossibly cool even on a bad day. I thought they were a miracle, and I’m feeling personally indulgent at the moment so I’m going down this little road even though they’re fairly off-topic.

After their breakup was announced, I stopped following Especia closely, the idea being that there wasn’t any reason to go around willfully getting my heart broken. But now, with their final live mere days away and their final best-of album hitting stores, Soundcloud finally decided to remind me that this was all happening by slipping two tracks into my feed what looked like retroactively (I look every day and would have dropped my monocle had I known that Especia was happening):

Got that old-time Especia working for them. The one that people fell in love with. The one that did adorable collaborations with Negicco. Oh well.

Happy Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “At Least Especia Died Giving Us Nice Music

  1. This album makes me so, so sad. It sounds like it’s going to be one of the best of the year, for me anyway. But they split because people didn’t like new Especia as much as old Especia and vocally said so. Including me. And now we have nothing.

    Along with many others I’ve also vented my disappointment about nu-BiS but having finally shed all expectations, I’ve found that Re:STUPiD is a pretty good album on it’s own terms. So I guess the lesson is:

  2. Ternary is just Avril Lavigne’s songs “Complicated” and “My World” rolled into one (seriously, listen to them back-to-back), but Just Go is good. From WIZARD, though, the best track has to be John’s Rod, on which Haruka sounds as close to angry as an idol on a SAW-inspired track can get.

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