ASP Is Good Actually

Well color me happily surprised to see that WACK newest bowels-of-hell creation ANAL SEX PENiS decided to follow up the post-April Fool’s reveal of members’ crania last week with some music that better fits the, um, talent. Not that we didn’t all love hearing Jun and his friends half-key their way through a promising tune, of course, just that the recording felt like letting the cat halfway out of the bag, and then the photo reveal dropped all pretense of even having a bag in the first place.

Anyway, yeah, we now know that the members of ASP are not in fact weird bondage performers but are (probably) (mostly) (emphasis on the parentheses here) “normal” idols, and probably all women at that. The visuals are fairly clear! The voices here doubly so!

I do rather enjoy this “traditional” method of WACK reveal, from the playful mystery to the rollout with the kinds of songs that WACK traditionally specializes in, other than Kentacore:

That rocks faces, it does. The second song in the set is, of course, the OG recorded with actual members’ voices:

ngl I kinda liked the fake version

So we’re some number of steps closer to knowing who the hell these people are and what ASP is all about. I like to think that the name will change, too, but who knows. Watanabe, like Jesus, does things in his own way and his own time.

2 thoughts on “ASP Is Good Actually

  1. As usual WACK threatening to do something actually interesting and then just doing something boring and forgettable instead leaving me filled with disappointed resentment.

    • WACK trying to be “anti-idols” at this point is like Green Day trying to claim they’re totally still punk.

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