ASP Comes Through Your Front Door

We’re a highbrow publication, so the headline about the group called ANAL SEX PENiS was kept tasteful once again. So without further ado let’s get right into talking about those wild WACK girls who love to prove they’re anything but pusillanimous – this is “the MAN CALLiNG,” so you’d better answer!

If you don’t have an encyclopaedic knowledge of naughty words like super producer Junnosuke Watanabe, “the MAN CALLiNG” sounds like “manko ring” in Japanese. In laymen’s terms the genitals group made a genitals pun, which we love. The video even starts out with “dedicated to all adult children” so if you chuckled then ASP definitely see you.

The video gives the exact DIY punk vibes you’d expect from the DIY punk themed idol group – everything shot by Watanabe with a small budget, most of which probably went on buying aloe vera cream to sooth the members’ skin after they had to jump into a pool wearing tight leather pants. Seriously, the chafing is no joke.

As for the song, imagine your cousin’s weird friend just invited you to a basement club where the bar stools feel sticky even through your jeans and there’s a visible, protruding rusty nail on the counter next to your glass. You aren’t sure if a pint of bitter always looked liked it had a layer of slime on it but you take a sip and turn to the band playing on the stage (a series of crates with a blanket over them) to distract yourself. This song sounds like that – not the song the band would play but the emotions from that scenario. Just click play, you’ll understand. If you don’t then please stop reading an idol news website during school hours.

“the MAN CALLiNG” releases on September 22nd with B-side WASTED TEARS, but if you can’t wait until then, a guerrilla CD-R is floating around several Tower Records stores in Japan already. Don’t live in Japan? No problem! Simply just buy a tape recorder, hold it up to your computer while the video plays and make a bootleg from the music video. They’re a DIY punk themed group so the breach of copyright laws could probably be forgiven in this case, right?