As if Monday Weren’t Heavy Enough: Tsurezure’s ‘Shinjuku Cinema Connection’ MV

Finally! “Shinjuku Cinema Connection” was released months ago, and it did always seem strange that there wasn’t ever video for it, though maybe this is the one they were working on when Kichi was still in the group.

Anyway, the song isn’t the trip into madness that you may be used to with them, though it is good. This video, on the other hand …

I like the idea of Yukueshirezutsurezure being muses. Not the inspirational kind, but a Greek chorus of your sins and desires.

I also spent a good minute in the second half waiting for something terrible to happen. You have us trained too well, Codomomental.

3 thoughts on “As if Monday Weren’t Heavy Enough: Tsurezure’s ‘Shinjuku Cinema Connection’ MV

  1. I’m kinda surprised Mashiro from Zenkimi isn’t in here, since the one that was recorded for the album featured her. Maybe now that the group is a foursome they re-recorded it sans-her?

    • I think that’s the case; there are parts of the vocal that sound different from my single version. Which, fine.

      And can I add that I love the workaround for releasing this? They had some footage and whatnot in the can from way back when, so all they did was record the members on the streets and do a re-edit. Resourceful!

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