As If It Needed to Be Said: Babymetal Is Just on a Different Level Right Now

The other night, Japan’s WOWOW broadcast footage from Babymetal’s June spectacular at Makuhari Messe.

The first thing that I want to point out is my use of the word “spectacular.” This wasn’t a SHOW or a CONCERT, but a SPECTACULAR, related to SPECTACLE, which I’d use if not for the delicious adjective value of calling the thing a SPECTACULAR.

I’ve seen Babymetal live. As Brother Dearest pointed out recently, there’s just nothing like the anticipation of seeing silhouettes form up being that white scrim while “BABYMETAL DEATH” intros. You know that sucker’s going to come down, you know what you’re going to see and you know what’s going to happen, and you JUST CANNOT WAIT because sweet holy dog, what an opening.

That said, I can only imagine what it was like to see this:

Babymetal at Makuhari Messe in 2015; c/o


“Ho-hum,” you say while you stifle a yawn and feel like you’re better than me. “So Babymetal put on another gigantic performance. With the same set list that they’ve been playing since Budokan 18 months ago. With literally the same band and probably a bunch of the same people in attendance.”

You’re a jackass, Mr. Strawman.

I didn’t write this post because I wanted to celebrate another Babymetal performance that sold out in the five figures and put an exclamation point on the first part of the world tour.

I wrote this post because I can’t believe how next-goddamn-level Babymetal is right now.

And I’m not talking compared to Bellheart or Necroma or somebody (if you’re just looking for alt idols going above and beyond their peers right now, look no further than Kamen Joshi).

No, Babymetal’s on another planet compared to KISS, for bob’s sake. This is Metallica-level work. This would have been a good way to close Monsters of Rock.

I didn’t feel like bankrupting myself to go to the Wembley show in April, and I honestly don’t know how I’d try to swing that at this point (even though good seats are still available!), but seriously, if somebody wants me to be their +1 for Legend Crusader or whatever that show’s going to be, please write.