Arrow Heart Is Still Alive and You Need to Appreciate That

Who among you who regularly read ol’ Homicidols Dot Com in the early days, when I posted any and everything and marveled at the very ability of idols to exist on this mortal plane, are still around to reminisce with me? Ah, the glory days, when Alice Project fanboys sock-puppeted their way to … something, and we did stupid things purely for the sake of trying something new. And, pertinently, they were the days when I was blown away in so many ways by the persistent presence of a little idol project called Arrow Heart.

Listen to this! I’d do anything for a clean recording to really appreciate it — as Phillter (remember Phillter?!) once put it, they’re basically FRUITPOCHETTE sans some polish. And the neat thing about idols, you don’t need them to rock the hell out to appreciate them, as demonstrated:

Not when they have awesome hand signs!

If you’re one of those awesome people referenced above, you may be like, oh right, I remember you stanning Arrow Heart despite the many videos showing them performing in front of like six people at the local rec center, and didn’t you in fact Mr. Homicidol Maniac at least once in the past write this very post, but with other media? And the answer is yes, I did, shut up. It was literally almost exactly three years ago, and my girls deserve it. Idoling ain’t easy when you’re as out there in the idol hinterlands as Fukushima. I mean, has really anything changed in the past three years? Unless I really missed the boat, that’s the same lineup as last time; the outfits look like maybe they’ve had some mending done but are otherwise the same. Their website, gods be praised, has been updated in both look and conte– oh no. NO. I’m supposed to have graduation immunity for a little while after Yotsu, I can’t just stumble into another one like this!

I love that this group exists. I hate that I always catch them right at a locus as opposed to mid-stream. I want nothing but the best for them, however you define that for Fukushima idols. I am bitter on their behalf that they weren’t able to get into TIF this year. If you want to get me something nice, get me an Arrow Heart CD. I pre-emptively thank you by sharing this clip from their one-man in Tokyo last year: