Are You Ready for New GANG PARADE?

Probably! But the Least Stable Project in Idol of Any Kind (aka GANG PARADE) just released two of the tracks from Barely Last onto Soundcloud, and, if you’ve been following the bizarre drama of the last couple of months at all, you’re probably at least somewhat curious as to what they sound like. Curious no more!

This sounds a lot like what we’ve come to expect from Saki & the Gang, sort of in that “Queen of POP” model moreso than “We Are the IDOL.” And I can’t tell — are the SiS members in here? I wonder if there’s any influence from the SiS process in the other song!

Oh, yes, there is! This is much more like it. Actually, “sugar” is a lot closer to what I think a lot of us expected the Artists Formerly Known as POP to sound like in general, flashing some of that Europop influence in the “pretty pretty good” mode. Kind of a shame that it took absorbing the members of another project under different management that happens to prefer Europop influences to get there but may have just been a con in the first place!

Anyway, I like to imagine WACK staff gleefully destroying old masters of the stuff that the prior members may have recorded. Not because of the graduations or whatever, but because I like the idea of working at the WACK offices being one long series of spite and in-poor-taste pranks on the staff.

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready for New GANG PARADE?

  1. That first song is painfully generic, i almost didn’t listen to the second one because of it… Enough with the noodly synth leads on idol rock songs, OK idol producers? It’s boring.

    The second song though is pretty damn good, though.

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