Anybody Want to See Babymetal’s RHCP Set?

So while it seems that Red Hot Chili Peppers fans (at least in the UK) may not be Babymetal’s target audience after all, this late-year run of British tour stops is still something that we — as Babymetal fans and/or heavy idol fans who may/be not have an interest in the phenomenon spreading more broadly outside of Japan — probably needed to see and get used to.

Yes, Babymetal is somebody else’s support band getting a lukewarm reception.

That’s good, though! At some point, this whole thing actually needs to become kind of mundane, just another way for musical performance to be done. Not everybody’s going to like it, but when it’s accepted as a part of the show anyway? Right on. I couldn’t be happier for Babymetal in particular and for the all of us in general.

But where goes Babymetal, so go the fan cams, and this is actually a pretty solid live recording of their set at the O2 Arena last night, general nature of the crowd on display.

Here are some cool photos to go with:

BOH vs. Flea: WHO YA GOT?!

4 thoughts on “Anybody Want to See Babymetal’s RHCP Set?

  1. This is good news- They have been insulated by playing to “safe” crowds. I always say that Babymetal does not support the scene and they are going to see how people react now. I expect a lot of stuff flying at the stage when they open for Metallica.. I just hope no one gets hurt. and NO this doesn’t mean I am anti BM I do like them, they just need to start doing the right thing by Metal..

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