Anybody Feel Like a Gaijin-aimed Kamen Joshi Video?

This is kind of a trip:

In addition to the video, I want you to notice something else, too (at least, if you dig the Mask) — @KamenGaijin is an English-language account that provides various news and translations and stuff from the Alice Project; basically, that’s where you should start if you want to follow but don’t have your Japanese ready yet.

I’ll also take this opportunity to point out that yes, I’m aware of what happened to Kamiya Erina, and I’ve been working on something related to that, the problem being that the ugly side of idol, including (and sometimes especially) obsessive wota, is something that gets me very fired up, and I keep rewriting the piece to account for new information or a clearer head. I might publish this weekend; prepare to either think I’m swell or a tremendous jerk (more than usual?).

5 thoughts on “Anybody Feel Like a Gaijin-aimed Kamen Joshi Video?

  1. Saw this earlier & it is an excellent video showing you some of the things that are not usually shown in most videos when you visit PARMS. Yuki goes into full English mode which is superb and it further represents the warm atmosphere at their spectacular show. The people behind Kamen Gaijin are very dedicated fans and have been providing a great service for those of us that live abroad with all the great current translated news on twitter.

  2. I like the group, having seen their live twice (one overseas and one in PARMS) but it is still quite sad to have so many disturbances around the idols – Erina and Yuki within the past 6 months. I’m not sure what kind of stuff is going on in PARMS now but this kind of publicity sure doesn’t help their status in my opinion.

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