Another Round of Corenament Input, If You Please

Hey friends! If you recall a little while back, I was soliciting ideas for how we might be able to organize this year’s Corenament. There were some really good suggestions, and my gears got to turning … and I’m a little reluctant to give too much away just yet, but the actual NCAA conference tournaments are going to start really soon, which means that things in this space are going to start to pick up in just a few weeks, which means that I need to get my act in gear.


What I think is a good way to go is with a full 64-entry field, with auto-qualifiers and seeds and regions and stuff. And that means that we need a whole mess of ways to get stuff into the field, and that means that we need a whole mess of stuff, and that means … I’m actually not sure yet. But help me out.

Based on (and including!) some previous suggestions, I’ve been coming up with lists of things that idols could conceivably be associated with, as well as individual roles in groups and where individual idols/groups might fit. I don’t want this list to be the list, nor do I want it to be all that’s involved.

So take a look at this madness, thinking about attributes and roles of idols (and fans! and scenes!). Think about the things that make idol great, as music and experience. Any one of these things could be a division; I don’t quite want to limit it to things that happened just in the past year, but maybe let’s keep it just to things that are currently active?

Violent pit
Violent stage
Best fans
Fans’ wotagei
Pocket idols
Harsh vocals
Individual accomplishment
Local/neighborhood/regional scene

What’s missing? What’s better? Whatever crosses your mind as a way to group idols together to force them into faceoffs (conference tournaments) to determine who/what makes it into the Corenament itself, sounds off in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Another Round of Corenament Input, If You Please

  1. I’ll throw a suggestion out there for the 4 regions. It might not be what you’re looking for but sticks with a theme. How about Suicidol, Regicidol, Patricidiol and Matricidol, you get the idea.

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