Another Disbandment? Sure, Why Not? It’s Phantom Voice

Pretty much as soon as you start to follow idols, you start to make friends with other people who follow idols. I think of you guys as friends, for instance! I’ve also been fortunate to connect with the man behind Pure Idol Heart, and he’s kind enough to throw new songs and videos and idols my way. The trouble is, I do get busy with things besides, and I’m sometimes not able to follow up all that quickly, and sometimes things get lost in the wash.

For instance, this news from yesterday about Phantom Voice that I skipped right over twice:

Yeah. Another pending disbandment. One-man live in May.

At least this one isn’t terribly dramatic and kind of heartbreaking, more of a “it’s just kind of time” thing. You can read the details on their website, including next steps for each of the members.

And you know what’s interesting? Some are going to continue to work with the company, some are quitting as their contracts run out, some are exploring other opportunities. I like that, especially the next-project-please side of it; a friend of a friend who’s big on them told me about how they started as a VK cover unit that only took the next step to being their own thing after folks responded well to them — they played TIF, for goodness sake! — so I think it’s cool that there’s continuity for some of the people who put a lot of themselves into making the project work.

So good for you guys, and good luck on what’s next. If it’s loud, we’ll check it out.