Another Day, A.N.otheЯ Song

Forgive me the irresistible pull of a good pun on an inexplicable idol name, friends. Idol has to be one of the most difficult-to-play-straight things I’ve ever dealt with. And it’s meant not as disrespect, but as genuine appreciation! Wild stuff. I’m rambling.

So A.N.otheЯ, the latest Dual Eye project, successor at least in spirit of the sadly defunct Living Dead I Dolls, debuted a little while back (with one member, whose job it is to feast on the flesh of the living and turn them into additional members*) and has been trickling out clips from the live to give people an appreciation for the music that’s going to be defining the project:

You know what? I’m starting to wish that Luna would maybe pass on biting living people and instead sate her endless hunger on things like rare steak; every song that A.N.otheЯ drops is another indication that the project doesn’t need more members, and that Luna has what it takes to make a solo shot work. How this will ultimately sound with additional members is of course unknown, but can it even really be improved? This one, like the others, sounds very Dual Eye, but it also has a strong DEMON TAPES vibe, from the louder works of DAIDAIDAI for instance. That there, as they say back home, is itself a group and maybe that’s a factor in figuring out how next steps look, but you all know my favorite DEMON TAPES project was a solo jam.

Anyway, more good stuff, and a growing sense that a project that, on its face, could probably be taken less than seriously is actually right at the front of the new girls’ pack. Let’s hope that it has some longevity and can make those crucial next steps.