Angels and Demons? Sign Me Up

Kids, I have bad news: I have no idea what’s up with these girls.

As long as nobody gets hurt, we should be okay

Actually, that’s not true. I know about as much about them as anybody who isn’t them! Say hi to Kimi to Utatane, who are doing this whole dual-nature, which-will-you-get angle that at least carries the threat of violence and pain.

Truth be told, that’s about all there is to know at this point. Twitter says they’re self-managed (yes!) and may be formerly not self-managed, having recently gone independent (or fired a manager, I can’t tell).

I guess the gun came in handy

They haven’t debut-debuted yet (unlike their apparent friends in uBu), but they’re on Showroom and just did a 24-hour show the other day:

That actually sounds like the worst thing ever. A 24-hour concert is bad, but 24 hours of chatting and horsing around? No thanks.

As for other appearances, it looks like we’ll be waiting a little while:

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